2014 Barrel Tasting is Upon Us!

For those of you who have never been to this event, it is a rare opportunity to get insight and take advantage of screaming deals on wines that have not yet been released! Barrel tasting is exactly what it sounds like; all participating wineries bring out some of their unfinished wines that are still fermenting in barrels for patrons to try.

Barrel Tasting Weekend 1 099

Using thieves (a tool used to bring the wine from the barrel and into an eager taster’s glass), winemakers and members of the production crew reveal themselves and share their experience and knowledge into the young wines. Event goers will have the opportunity not only taste but also purchase ‘futures’ of wines that are sometimes not even released to the public. VML is going to be showcasing a brand new new single vineyard designate wine from the Green Valley our 2013 San Remo Pinot Noir along with our classic 2013 Russian River Pinot Noir and 2013 Bradford Mountain Grist Zinfandel.

I do have to admit, it takes a quite the refined palate to be able to taste an unfinished wine and see into the future to how it may develop and to what treasure it could become. My advice to those who are unsure on whether they can taste into the future? Ask about the size of the vineyard. If less than 5 acres and you enjoy the taste from the barrel, buy it!! That wine will most likely go straight to the winery’s wine club members and you will not be able to purchase it when it is in bottle.

Secondly, 2013 harvest was a hell of a year. If there is a wine that you have liked in the past and have the opportunity to taste the 2013 from the barrel, JUMP on the opportunity to purchase! The fruit from 2013 came in high in quality and high in quantity so the wine should develop beautifully.

Thirdly, if you do decide to purchase, make sure that you write down your phone number and email address legibly. Once purchased, we want to make sure that we can contact you effectively when the wine when it is released!

And last- but not least- Barrel Tasting weekends are crowded and crazy! Please enjoy yourselves but make sure to be safe. Also, be respectful and patient with the tasting room staff throughout this six day event. We want make sure that each and every person has an amazing time and we are doing our best to keep up with the crowds!

VML will be offering 15% off on 6 bottles or more of futures purchased. Also, there will be surprise case special that will be announced! Come visit!

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