Moving Forward Towards the Horizon in 2014

New Beginnings for VML Winery 2014



With the start of 2014, comes a string of new beginnings and change for VML Winery. In my personal life- I have to admit- I can be slightly resistant to change. Maybe it is because I am a stubborn Taurus but my thought process tends to be, ‘What I have now works just fine, I don’t need all the extra bells and whistles of the new thing, I understand what I have and it works for me.’ The more I ponder my current idea of change, however, I realize that this represents complacency and succumbing to a fear of the unknown. This is not an attribute that I want to emanate!

Yes, it can be scary entering a new phase in life or in business but it also allows for endless possibilities of new and exciting adventures. Change leads to progress and growth, keeping us moving and keeping us interested. Without change, life would be stagnate, boring and dull.

It goes without saying, 2014 marks the beginning of a new era for VML. First off, beginning 2014 as publically traded company has been a very proud moment for VML and Truett Hurst Inc. We have put forth a lot of hard work, time and effort into making this IPO come into fruition. Becoming a publically traded company has been a very daunting, yet extremely exciting process for our company. It has given us the opportunity raise money so we can continue to grow and exceed our patrons’ expectations. It is nice to start off the New Year having taken part in conquering the old goals of 2013 and setting new ones for 2014.

Secondly, as of January 1st, VML’s beloved Tasting Room & Event Coordinator, Deney Raike, has started a new position here as Truett Hurst’s National Wine Sales Coordinator for our company’s distribution branch. While we are sad to see him go, we are happy and proud of him for earning this exciting promotion.  And lastly- but possibly the most life changing news- VML’s winemaker Ginny (Virginia) Lambrix will beginning a new chapter in her life with new hubby Kevin Shaw (of Stranger & Stranger) and both will be welcoming a new family member (a little girl!) into the world.

Change, growth and new beginnings seem to be common themes of VML taking on 2014. With these new changes, we promise to hold true to who we are and what we represent as a brand and company. VML wishes to maintain the small boutique, family friendly atmosphere with personable and engaging staff who makes you feel warm and welcome.  We strive to bring the beauty and fruit of the Russian River and Dry Creek Valleys into a glass of wine and deliver it straight to your table.

With 2013 growing season wrapping up beautifully, VML is excited to start bringing out our 2012 vintages- needless to say 2014 will be full of amazing wine! We hope that 2014 brings you good health, loving people and, of course, great wine!

Cheers, VML Winery

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