Wine Tasting 101.4- Drawing Scent

Darling True, You’ll Be Here Soon

Morning , Night and Afternoon 


Drawing Scent, Will Not Relent

Calling Forth The One Who’s Meant

Happy Halloween!

Some people might recognize this poem from VML’s 2010 Bewitched Pinot Noir. Written by Kevin Shaw of Stranger & Stranger  as an ode to his wife, Virginia Marie Lambrix (VML winemaker), the Bewitched poem- or spell rather- embodies the idea of what you look for in an aroma of a wine.

Much like calling forth the one who’s meant, the aroma of a great wine will having you coming back for more. When addressing the aroma, one wants to be bewitched by the scent- so much so that it pulls in for another sniff. This is displays the complexity of the wine which is a key component in wine evaluation, as addresses in Tasting 102- Love. Good. Wine.

Swirl the wine in your glass. allowing it to interact with oxygen and making the aromas and flavors come alive. It is important to take note of any ‘off’ aromas. I am sure that you have heard of a wine being corked before and this refers to a compound called 2,4,6-trichloroanisole (TCA). This compound is a result of an interaction between plant phenols, chlorine and mold. Usually associated with the use of a natural cork, a considerably corked wine has been described as smelling like cardboard, wet cement or wet newspapers.

Once you have rendered the wine to be void of imperfections, you can really start to evaluate the aromas that are coming from the glass. Swirl the wine around in your glass and stick your nose straight in there, taking quick short sniffs. Technically, aromas are considered smells associated with the grape and the bouquet refer to the scents that are derived from development while it is in the bottle. A common acronym used to help work through the options is FEW: Fruit, Earth, Wood. Other possibilities are floral, spice, herb and butter characteristics. Fully examine each category and look let your mind wander down a list of possibilities, taking notes along the way. Keep in mind that your tasting notes are yours and yours alone. Don’t be bashful when expressing your ideas of thoughts on what you smell as you evaluate.

In the spirit of Halloween, it could’t be more appropriate that the Bewitched Pinot Noir relates to the second step of wine tasting. If you get a chance to take a sip, this wine will always keep you coming back for more!

This wine is currently on a case special of 50% off just in time for the holidays ($180 for 12 bottles before tax and shipping). Call (707) 431-4443 if you wish to take advantage of this sale.

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